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VersaFit™ - Multi-Function Resistance Bands Set

VersaFit™ - Multi-Function Resistance Bands Set

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Unlock Your Full Fitness Potential

Achieve your fitness goals with VersaFit™ Multi-Function Resistance Bands Set. This versatile set of resistance bands is designed to target different muscle groups and provide a wide range of exercises, including jump rope, push up stand, and resistance band training.

Function 1: Jump Rope

Enhance your cardio workout and improve coordination with the jump rope function of VersaFit™. The durable and adjustable rope allows you to customize the length according to your preference, ensuring an effective and enjoyable jump rope session to boost your cardiovascular fitness.

Function 2: Resistance Bands

Utilize the resistance bands function of VersaFit™ to strengthen and tone your muscles. The bands offer various resistance levels to accommodate different fitness levels and target specific muscle groups, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises for full-body workouts.

Function 3: Push Up Stand

Take your push up routine to the next level with the push up stand function of VersaFit™. The ergonomic design provides a stable and comfortable grip, allowing you to perform push ups with proper form and engage your chest, arms, and core muscles effectively.


  • Multi-function resistance bands set with jump rope, push up stand, and resistance band functions
  • Adjustable and durable jump rope for cardio and coordination training
  • Versatile resistance bands for full-body workouts
  • Ergonomic push up stand for enhanced push up exercises
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