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Anti-gravity Aerial Yoga Hammock Set

Anti-gravity Aerial Yoga Hammock Set

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A Fun and Effective Way to Practice Yoga

Experience the Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga, also known as anti-gravity yoga, is a type of yoga that uses a hammock or a swing to suspend you in the air. It combines traditional yoga poses with acrobatic movements and inversions. Aerial yoga can offer you many benefits, such as:

  • It can improve your flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination by challenging your body with different angles and ranges of motion.
  • It can decompress your spine, relieve tension, and align your posture by using gravity to create traction and space between your vertebrae.
  • It can increase your blood circulation, oxygen flow, and lymphatic drainage by stimulating your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.
  • It can enhance your mood, creativity, and confidence by releasing endorphins and serotonin and overcoming fears.

Use Your Aerial Yoga Hammock Set Properly

Using your aerial yoga hammock set properly is easy and fun. Here are some tips:

  • Install your aerial yoga hammock set according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You can attach it to a door frame, a wall, a stand, or a tree. Make sure it is secure and stable before using it.
  • Adjust your aerial yoga hammock set according to your level and activity. You can change the height and width of the hammock and the position of the handles to create different levels of difficulty and support.
  • Enjoy practicing aerial yoga with your aerial yoga hammock set. You can follow a routine or create your own. You can also use online videos or guides to learn new skills and techniques.


  • Material: Nylon or polyester that is durable, comfortable, and washable
  • Size: Various sizes available to fit different body shapes and sizes
  • Style: Various styles available with different features, such as buckles or loops
  • Color: Various colors available to match different preferences
  • Weight: Lightweight and portable
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