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FlexTone™ - PC Muscle Training Kegel Exerciser

FlexTone™ - PC Muscle Training Kegel Exerciser

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Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

Take control of your pelvic floor health with FlexTone™ PC Muscle Training Kegel Exerciser. This innovative device is designed to help strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles, providing numerous benefits such as improved bladder control, enhanced sexual wellness, and postpartum recovery.

Effective Muscle Training

FlexTone™ utilizes advanced technology to provide effective and targeted muscle training for the pelvic floor. The device utilizes gentle electrical stimulation to contract and relax the muscles, mimicking the natural muscle movements experienced during Kegel exercises.

Customizable Training Programs

With FlexTone™ PC Muscle Training Kegel Exerciser, you can customize your training program based on your needs and preferences. Choose from various intensity levels and training modes to create a personalized workout routine that suits your fitness goals.

User-Friendly Design

FlexTone™ features a user-friendly design that makes it easy to use and comfortable to wear. The ergonomic shape and smooth silicone material ensure a secure and pleasant experience during your training sessions. The device is also rechargeable for convenience and long-term use.


  • PC muscle training kegel exerciser for pelvic floor strength
  • Advanced technology for effective muscle training
  • Customizable training programs for personalized workouts
  • User-friendly design for comfort and convenience
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