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FlexiGun™ - New 2024 Portable Massage Gun

FlexiGun™ - New 2024 Portable Massage Gun

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FlexiGun™: The Portable Massage Gun That Relieves Your Muscle Pain and Tension

You work hard and play hard. You deserve a massage that can help you relax and recover. But you don’t have time or money to go to a spa or a therapist. What can you do?

You can use the FlexiGun™: the portable massage gun that relieves your muscle pain and tension.

The FlexiGun™ is a powerful and versatile device that can deliver deep tissue percussion massage to your muscles. It can help you reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, and release tight knots. It can also help you enhance your performance, mobility, and flexibility.

How It Works

The FlexiGun™ works by sending rapid pulses of pressure to your muscles, creating a soothing vibration that penetrates deep into your tissues. You can choose from six different massage heads and 20 speed levels to suit your preference and comfort. You can also adjust the angle of the device to reach any part of your body, such as your back, neck, legs, arms, and feet.

Why You’ll Love It

The FlexiGun™ is not just a regular massage gun. It’s a smart and innovative device that can make your massage experience easy and enjoyable.

The FlexiGun™ has a built-in LCD screen that can display the battery level, speed level, and mode. It also has a low-noise motor that can operate quietly and smoothly. And it has a long-lasting battery that can last up to six hours on a single charge.

The FlexiGun™ is also designed to be portable and convenient. It has a lightweight and ergonomic design that can fit in your hand comfortably. It also comes with a carrying case that can store the device and the accessories safely and securely.


  • Material: ABS plastic + aluminum alloy
  • Battery: 2400 mAh lithium ion
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Working time: 6 hours
  • Motor: 24V brushless motor
  • Noise level: <45 dB
  • Speed levels: 20
  • Massage heads: 6
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Size: 22 x 18 x 6 cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Coty Lindgren

Absolutely love this new massage gun, this is just so much better then the older ones!! It has much more better functions

Rudolph Swaniawski

The delivery is also fast, and the condition of the box or the condition of the product is also very good. The convenience and finish for what can be charged with Type C is great. Good product

Emil T.

Really good quality, lots of functions, feels good and relaxing